What's New in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018

NAV 2018 Features

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 was made available to the public a couple days ago on December 1, 2017. Will the rumors of deeper integrations with Office 365 and other Microsoft products be true? Will we finally see the true capabilities of extensions? Let's find out!

Product Integration

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 does feature more extensive integration with Microsoft products like Office 365, Power BI, Flow, Power Apps, etc. This makes sense because for the past year or so Microsoft's vision seems to have been to offer a complete software package to small and mid-size (smb) business.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 includes the new extension model which enables quicker and easier customization of NAV for customers.

Artificial Intelligence - AI

Microsoft's cutting edge cognitive services are at the forefront of new NAV 2018 features. These services use advanced algorithms, such as multiple regression analysis, to allow users to have artificial intelligence fused within the applications. Automatic facial, speech and language recognition can be employed in HR contexts and automate procedures. Product recognition places items in the correct categories by providing much more automation in product management.

Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 will be able to interact with Microsoft flow. This will allow you to create flows and ultimately speed up processes such as the approvals.

Technical Enhancements

Ceridian Payroll - You can now import payroll transaction files from Ceridian HR/Payroll in US and Ceridian Powerpay in CA by installing the Ceridian Payroll extension.

Quickbooks File Import - You can now import payroll transaction files in the QuickBooks IIF format by installing the QuickBooks Payroll Import extension.

Integration API - To empower developers and service providers to easily integrate with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft is adding a REST API based on web services with easy-to-use authentication.

The entities in the API can be used on their own or in combination with extensions when there is a need to add user interface elements or business logic Dynamics NAV. The first iterations of the API publishes common record types, including company information, customer, vendor, employee, item (product), sales order, sales invoice, account, and journal.

Synchronize Vendors with Lexmark ICS - There is now a possibility to take advantage of vendor synchronization when using Lexmark ICS. This will improve the vendor recognition rate in the Lexmark ICS and allow manual selection of vendors when performing visual training of new invoice layouts.

Vendor information including number, name, address, VAT registration, phone, and bank account data is transferred to Lexmark ICS when synchronizing.

Analyzing Financial Statements in Microsoft Excel - In the Business Manager and Accountant Role Centers, you can choose which financial statements to view in Excel from a drop-down menu in the Reports section of the ribbon. When you choose a statement, it will be opened in Excel or Excel Online. An add-in connects the data to Financials.

3 Checks Per Page - A new format has been created for check printing. Now there is a possibility to print 3 checks per page to save paper and make check printing faster.

Full CRM Synchronization can be run in background - The Dynamics CRM Connection Setup guide now includes coupling of salespersons to CRM users as this is a prerequisite for any synchronization of data between Dynamics CRM and Financials.

The guide now allows you to run full synchronization when the CRM connection has been set up. The synchronization runs in the background so that the user can continue working.

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