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7 Must Have Resources for NAV Users

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Resources

Whether you are just beginning to learn Microsoft Dynamics NAV or have been using it for years. These resources should help you continue to grow your NAV expertise.

1. Training Videos - Microsoft rolls out monthly updates and usually a new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV every 1-2 years, so whether you are a new user or a seasoned NAV veteran you are always going to need training videos such as the ones found on our YouTube page or through our Dynamics Online University.

2. Webinar Replays - This is where you'll be able to view popular ISV products that can enhance the capabilities of Dynamics NAV.

3. Microsoft CustomerSource - A complete guide to everything Microsoft Dynamics. Videos, links, training documents, product information, etc.

Are you having some trouble with Microsoft Dynamics NAV? Don't hesitate to contact us. We have a dedicated support team that would be glad to help you!

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