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8 Pain Points That Show It's Time To Switch ERP software - Part 1

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

ERP Pain Points

1. "We are outgrowing our accounting software and need more comprehensive functionality and better reporting and analytics but not sure what to do next."

What you should do next is download The Business Owner's Guide for Replacing Accounting Software because it will help you evaluate the current state of your accounting and business management systems and processes, and outline considerations you should keep in mind when exploring new solutions.

Did you know that a recent study found that more than 90 percent of consumers said they would consider taking their business elsewhere rather than work with a company that uses outdated technology?

2. "We need real-time information to flow quickly across our organization to take advantage of rapid changing market conditions."

You need to connect your people, processes and systems. Point Blank. This why so many people talk about erp software like Microsoft Dynamics because of its ability to do this very thing.

Take a look at this article about connecting your people, processes and systems to see what I mean.

3. "IT systems take away from other investment areas; puts strain on cash flow."

I've heard from several different people that investing in all those upfront IT costs would take away from other investment areas and most of the time security would still be a concern. This is a great reason to choose a cloud based software.

By investing in the correct cloud business solution you can simplify IT management, avoid distractions with always-on protection, stay protected in and out of the office, and avoid costly down-time. Have a look at this article called Keep IT in Control to see how you can be sure that your company data is both accessible and secure.

4. "We are interested in cloud solutions but are not sure what's right for our business."

Don't feel bad, businesses everywhere are interested in cloud solutions but are not sure if it's right for their business. So why do businesses move to the cloud? Here's why:

  • 64% claim they can experiment more easily and at a lower cost.

  • 61% claim that it enables deeper collaboration with business partners.

  • 60% claim it frees up IT resources to work on more strategic things.

  • 57% claim it's a source of competitive advantage for early adopters.

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