Top 6 Free Tools for IT Administrators and Managers

The following free tools will enable you to track changes to Active Directory, Windows servers, troubleshoot account lockouts, learn how to monitor user logons in a domain at absolutely no cost, and much more. These free tools will never expire or stop working when you urgently need them.

Change Notifier for Active Directory

This tool tracks changes to Active Directory (AD) users, group memberships, OUs, permissions, and provides visibility into what's happening inside your AD. THis freeware tools is a winner of multiple awards from Redmond Magazine.

Download freeware:

Account Lockout Examiner

This tool alerts on account lockouts, helps troubleshoot these events, and analyzes their potential causes. The accounts can be unlocked via Account Lockout Examiner console or mobile device.

Download freeware:

Change Notifier for Windows Server

This tool alerts you about changes made to your Windows Server configurations, including installed software and hardware, services and scheduled tasks. It sends change summary reports listing changes made in the last 24 hours with "before" and "after" values.

Download link:

Change Notifier for Group Policy

This tool tracks Group Policy changes, including changes made GPO links and policies, as well as software deployment changes. Each day, it emails you a report that lists all modifications made during the past 24 hours and includes the before and after values.

Download link:

Effective Permissions Reporting Tool

This tool helps you make sure that employees' permissions correspond to their roles in your organization by showing who has permissions to what in Active Directory and File Shares.

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