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New Year’s resolution: Don’t just do more, achieve more

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

The New Year is a perfect time for a fresh start and renewed focus, not just for yourself, but for your business. Whether your goals are to increase sales, build deeper relationships with customers, or maximize financial resources, you need a business solution you can rely on to get you there.

Basic accounting software and legacy systems can’t keep up with the evolving needs of today’s businesses, and they could well be hurting you more than helping. It’s time to make the smart move, to replace harmful old habits with healthy new ones—increased flexibility and mobility, customer-focused analytics, streamlined accounting and inventory management. With the right tools, your team can not only DO more, they can ACHIEVE more.

New beginnings, trusted tools. Updating your accounting and operations management software doesn’t mean investing in all new tools and training. A business solution from Microsoft works with what you already know and use—like familiar Office products—and extends functionality to help you stay connected and get more done from the locations where your teams need to work.

Familiar interface, more powerful engine. When Georgia Swarm Lacrosse made the move to a Microsoft business solution, they experienced a smooth transition with no big roadblocks, and found training to be simple and intuitive. Plus, the productivity tool integration and real-time data analysis have increased team performance and operational efficiency.

Insights to help you navigate your year. What can a Microsoft business solution help you achieve this year? Better insights from connected systems and reporting that is easy to create and share. Streamlined accounting and inventory management. Better customer experiences when your back-office applications keep your frontline sales and service teams informed. Anywhere access to the data you need to close more business and make profitable decisions. All with the agility and ease of management of the Microsoft Cloud.

A resolution you can stick with. So many resolutions fail because it can take a lot of time and effort to produce even a little result. With the increased functionality and enhanced process efficiency of a Microsoft business solution, you’ll see immediate improvements in how you operate. And with the insights gleaned from real-time data coming from all parts of your business, you won’t know how you managed without it.

Make this New Year a turning point for your business. Review the 15 Red Flags Your Accounting Software is Hurting your Business white paper then download The Cloud as a Platform e-book and learn how Microsoft Dynamics and the Microsoft Cloud can help you achieve more.

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