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Dynamics 365 for Financials - The Sales Representative

Meet a prospective client at a trade show. You have a business card and it collects in a pile and you have a rubber band so you don't lose this one. It's a hot lead.

  1. Office Lens (mobile app)

  2. Scan business card

  3. Uploads to OneDrive - Business

  4. Covert to Opportunity/Contact

You returned from a trip, conference, and one of your customers confirms their desire to place an order. Your company prefers you log as an opportunity before you create the quote.

Enter the details, such as opportunity number, description and the contact.

Before adding a line item, you must denote a sales cycle code.

Enter the new sales quote which is automatically assigned to the opportunity.

Update the details of the opportunity

Review the new opportunity and the impact on the existing opportunities. Select Filter on any column, In Progress or Expected Close Date to drill deeper into the revenue.

OPTIONAL - All data in Dynamics 365 for Financials, can be quickly exported to Excel by selecting Open in Excel for deeper analysis.

You call your customer, or your prospect calls in, and asks about specific attributes of a particular item they want to purchase. As you nurture the opportunity they tell you they/you have struck gold, your "Leather Chairs" are a huge hit for their top three clients.

From the drop down menu, select appropriate attribute, Seat, and respective value, Leather.

Review all inventory items which fit the description of Seat Type, Leather.

Providing additional data for users to filter on attributes of inventory items can streamline search capabilities.

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