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Dynamics 365 for Financials - The Accountant

Schedule Reports - Check

Export to Excel - Check

Access to GL Accounts - Check

AP and AR - Check

Month End Closing Process - Check

Correct or Cancel Unpaid Invoices - Check

Directly accessible from the homepage are key accounts. Why does this matter? Being able to personalize business critical accounts on the homepage streamlines the task of finding information and it provides immediate access to key accounts.

Quick access to financials

The company is growing and it's necessary to add an account to the General Ledger (GL) to account for increased travel expenses. The accountant needs to add Travel to the General Ledger.

Select Finance from the Homepage

On the left side select Chart of Accounts

The main, or natural, accounts are listed in logical order. Summary accounts are bold and posting accounts are indented to reflect the organization's accounts.

Travel is not an account set up yet in Dynamics 365 for Financials

Add Travel to the Chart of Accounts

Indent Travel. Why's this important? Access to the accounting system is simple and easy allowing the accountant to have control of their system.

One of the responsibilities of the Accountant is managing unpaid invoices in order to keep the company in good standing and avoid any unnecessary fees.

A shortcut for Past Due Invoices is on the homepage. Why is this important? When key reports and data surface on the homepage, users are more productive when seeking information they need to complete their tasks.

While the owner may find the ultimate interest in past due receivables, it's a team effort and the Accountant also wants to stay atop of any potential issues with paying customers.

The streamline navigation of Dynamics 365 for Financials combined with the ease of access of key reports and integration to business intelligence tools enables people to make intelligent decisions regarding their business.

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