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How to Revalue an Inventory Item in Dynamics 365 for Financials - Project Madeira


0:07 in this video we're going to review the process of revaluing inventory in this

0:19 example we have item 19 to 8 -

0:25 s the amsterdam lamp we currently have three units on hand at a unit cost of 42

0:32 dollars and eighty cents if i click on the ledger entries and sort by remain in

0:39 quantity we can see that these three units were purchase on march twenty 8

0:46 2016 and the total current value of these three units is a hundred

0:52 twenty-eight dollars in forty cents

0:55 let's say we need to revalue these three units to be reflected in inventory and

1:02 even fifty dollars each

1:04 or a hundred and fifty dollars what we'll do is up on the ribbon from the

1:10 item list select revaluation journal the posting date defines the effective date

1:19 of the revaluation

1:21 however we don't want to manually create the row

1:25 we're going to select calculate inventory value and hear what we'll do

1:31 is we'll select will enter a document number or unique number associated with

1:38 this transaction will also select the specific item number that we would like

1:46 to revalue in this case we're going to select the amsterdam lamp

1:53 however you could revalue a whole range of items or a whole class of items at

1:58 the same time

1:59 by clicking okay

2:04 the system automatically creates the revaluation entry for me and pulls in

2:09 the current value

2:10 all i need to do is select the revalued current cost that i would like to set

2:16 this to in this case we're going to revalue the item to fifty dollars each

2:20 for a total inventory value of a hundred and fifty dollars

2:24 the total adjustment amount is 21 dollars and sixty cents by clicking post

2:34 we will that will make this change in the system

2:40 the journal lines were successfully posted

2:43 let's close the revaluation journal go back and look at the Amsterdam lamp on

2:48 the list

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