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How to Change a No Series Setup in Dynamics 365 for Financials - Project Madeira


0:07 in this video we're going to walk through the process of changing a number

0:17 series so that the system automatically numbers records using a different number

0:23 sequence as an example currently customers start with the letter C

0:32 followed by three zeros and attend

0:35 for example if I were to create a new customer a new customer will be created

0:41 in the next available number automatically assigned as c 0 0 0 5 0

0:49 but let's say we wanted new customers to start with the letter D instead of the

0:58 letter c to complete that setup change from the home menu I'll select from the

1:09 ribbon company settings from company settings I can navigate to the sales and

1:17 receivable set up

1:19 I'll use this screen to confirm that the see us t is the number series assigned

1:29 for creating new customers

1:31 once i have confirmed that the number series

1:35 I'd like to update from the company information screen I can access the full

1:41 list of all number series on the list

1:46 I'll find that same value see you st at this point what I'd like to do is I'd

1:52 like to update

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