How to Convert Sales Quotes into Orders and Invoices in Dynamics 365 for Financials - Project Madeir


0:02 in this video we're going to review the process of converting a sales quote into

0:18 a sales order or invoice as a first example let's assume that we have an

0:25 existing sales quote to our customer the cannon group and we need to convert this

0:31 quote into an order

0:33 this process can be done either from one of two places I can either start right

0:41 from the sales quote list and select make order or i can access the same

0:48 button by opening the quote and from the quote screen

0:53 selecting the same make order button it will ask if I would like to convert the

1:00 quote to an order

1:01 i will confirm with yes at this point the sets the standard credit limit check

1:08 and overdue balance check will be run

1:12 i will confirm that I've still would like to continue the system also will

1:17 display a warning message for me if I do not have enough inventory on hand to

1:24 fulfill that order

1:25 in this case I have an inventory shortage of to do you still want to

1:30 continue

1:31 yes for the second item the Tokyo guest chair

1:37 i also have a lack of available inventory

1:42 I'll say so yes again the quote has been successfully converted into an order 10

1:49 10 11

1:50 at this point the user has the option of going to view that new order at this

1:55 point

1:57 I'll say yes I now have a new sales order that matches the exact format and

2:08 structure of my existing of my previous sales quote

2:13 at this point i can post the order

2:16 send an email confirmation or whatever other task might be necessary next

2:23 if I exit the order and i returned to the quotes list you'll notice that the

2:28 previous quote is gone

2:30 the quote has now been converted into an order and is no no no longer and

2:35 outstanding sales quote the second option that you may have noticed

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