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How the Navigate Function Works in Dynamics 365 for Financials - Project Madeira


0:02 in this video we're going to review the use of the navigate button to find what

0:19 it is and how it's used

0:22 you may notice when you use you navigate through the system for example if I were

0:28 to click on the amsterdam lamp and view the ledger entries page up on the top on

0:36 the ribbon

0:37 there's a navigate button to navigate button finds all entries and documents

0:42 associated with the specific entry that you're looking at on the screen for

0:49 example i'm looking at a sale completed on march 31st sales invoice PS i envy 10

0:57 30 7 45 of these lamps if i click on navigate the system will gather the

1:07 document number and posting date associated with the current entry and

1:15 we'll find all entries throughout the system associated with those values for

1:21 example of posted sales invoice document was found to view that document i can

1:28 click on the line and select show related entries

1:32 this will open the invoice detail in this case from here i can send the eat

1:41 the invoice via email

1:44 create a correction invoice or credit memo or just view the document and close

1:51 I also can see that there are the general ledger entries that were created

1:55 another way to launch the details is to click on the number of entries to open

2:01 the detail screen here we see the seven GL entries that were created when the

2:07 invoice was posted cost of goods sold

2:11 sales sales tax entries

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