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What is an Item Ledger Entry in Dynamics 365 for Financials - Project Madeira


0:02 in this video we're going to review the concepts of item ledger entries

0:19 so what is an item ledger entry

0:22 simply put an item ledger entry represents every single increase or

0:29 decrease in a quantity for an inventory item as an example let's look at this

0:37 item 1928 - yes

0:40 the amsterdam lamp here you can see that i currently have three of these lamps on

0:47 hand if i select the ledger entries button from the ribbon

0:52 this launches a list of all item ledger entries for this specific item

1:00 what you'll see is an entry for each time the quantity on hand for this item

1:07 has changed to change the sorting of the item ledger entries click on the column

1:13 heading and choose to sort in ascending order or descending order

1:19 I'm now looking at a list of all item ledger entries with the oldest dates on

1:24 the top and going down

1:26 what you can see here is that on january fourth three of these lamps or purchased

1:35 on purchase invoice number 107 00 one at a total cost of a hundred and twenty

1:42 eight dollars and forty cents on January eighth

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