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Managing Favorites Lists in Dynamics 365 for Financials - Project Madeira


0:02 in this session we're going to review how to manage favorites lists on the

0:16 homepage

0:17 regardless of what your role in the organization is each homepage typically

0:23 has a favorites list of favorites list

0:26 maybe a list of favorite GL accounts or customers or vendors or items in this

0:32 case we're looking at a as the accounting manager a list of my favorite

0:38 GL accounts

0:40 it's very simple to maintain this list as an example let's say that we don't

0:47 need to

0:48 we no longer need to look at or keep track of our income for services here

0:52 and we want to remove this from the home page

0:57 I simply click on the row and click on the favorite accounts button and select

1:04 delete line it will ask me to confirm that I'd like to delete the selected

1:09 line or lines you can highlight multiple lines at the same time and delete those

1:14 together

1:15 I've now deleted that GL account from my list

1:21 I can similarly add new accounts to my favorites list by selecting new in this

1:31 case I'm going to start typing in an account number that I'd like to add

1:36 i can scroll down and let's select sales returns and allowances and i'm going to

1:44 hit the Save and close x and i have now successfully added that new account to

1:51 my screen there are other options here I can choose manage lists

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