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Creating a Vendor in Dynamics 365 for Financials - Project Madeira


0:02 in this session we're going to walk through the process of creating a new

0:17 vendor from the home page click on vendors

0:23 this will take you to a list of the existing vendors in the system

0:29 from here you can find exists an existing vendor in this case we want to

0:35 create a new vendor so i'm going to click on the new button on the top of

0:40 the list

0:40 the system automatically assigns 000 30 in this case as my defense my vendor

0:48 number for this new vendor for additional information on how the system

0:53 assigns numbers to new records please watch our video on utilizing or updating

1:00 number series

1:01 in this case I'm just going to begin adding the information for our new

1:05 vendor here including their name address

1:20 so in this case because i do have a zip code table populated with zip code

1:27 city-states and Country region codes as soon as i typed in New York it

1:33 automatically found populated the rest of the fields for me after I found that

1:38 record in this case if I need to update any of these fields i can do so manually

1:43 up to assign a primary contact this new vendor

1:48 I'm just going to type in the contacts name

1:51 what will happen is behind the scenes

1:57 the system will automatically create a new contact record and associate this

2:02 new contact rich Richards with my new vendor third company inc

2:07 I'll complete the customer by typing in the rest of their contact information

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