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Adding a New Contact to a Vendor in Dynamics 365 for Financials - Project Madeira


0:02 in this session we're going to walk through the process of adding a new

0:15 contact to an existing vendor from the home page

0:20 i'm going to select vendors here i see a list of all of our existing vendors and

0:26 in this example we have a new contact associated with our vendor London

0:31 postmaster

0:32 so to add a new contact from the vendor list i'll select the vendor I want to

0:37 edit and click Edit now on the vendor card up on the ribbon

0:44 I have a button called contact this allows me to view or edit detailed

0:48 information about contacts associated with this vendor i'll go ahead and click

0:54 on contact here i see a list of contacts associated with London postmaster the

1:01 first record which is in bold is the company contact that contains the

1:07 primary company contact information below that i see that i have two person

1:14 type contacts who are individuals associated with a vendor London

1:21 postmaster to create a new contact

1:25 I right from this list i click on the create a new entry button and this will

1:33 open the contact card

1:35 now i can type in my new contacts information so soon maher is our new

1:43 contact from here I can select that this is a new company in this case it's a

1:48 person and after i select person I need to associate this person with a company

1:55 so i start typing in my vendors name it found London postmaster and as soon as i

2:03 type in the company name

2:05 you'll notice under the communication tab

2:07 that the address information automatically filled in for me based on

2:11 all of the values associated with my vendor in this case if i needed to

2:17 change

2:18 sooo mayor's

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