Setting up a Non Inventory Item Service in Dynamics 365 for Financials - Project Madeira


0:02 in this session we're going to set up what's called a non-inventory able I

0:17 'tom so what is a non inventory alight mhmm

0:20 what that is is it something that you would like to charge to your customers

0:26 for what you don't actually need to track and on hand quantity or ins and

0:33 outs for an example would be freight charges or services or other laborers or

0:39 charges that you would like to include as an amount on an invoice to a customer

0:46 but you don't want to track how many or need to track how many you have on hand

0:51 so as an example i'm going to click on items and you see i already have an item

0:58 non-inventory alighting here set up called freight charges

1:02 we're going to set up another one called service charge

1:07 so what I'll do is from the item list

1:11 i'm going to click on new the system's auto assign 1003 for my new item for

1:18 more information on how the system assigns numbers to new records in the

1:22 system

1:23 please refer to our separate video on using and maintaining number series will

1:30 call this service charge

1:35 and the key field is the type field here so by default the system assumes that

1:42 every item you're creating is in inventory item and we want to track on

1:47 hand quantities but in this case we're going to call this a service item

1:53 this is the field that will require a not require us to track those quantities

2:01 I do have a unit of measure i can still use all of the same features of an item

2:09 obviously my my stock out warning and negative inventory are not relevant but

2:15 i can set up a unit price a default service charge what's that that's

2:20 fifteen dollars

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