Converting a Sales Quote into a Sales Order in Dynamics 365 for Financials - Project Madeira


0:02 in this session we're going to walk through the process of converting an

0:15 existing sales quote into a sales order from my home page

0:23 I have visibility 20 outstanding documents by type through the use of my

0:30 windows tiles in this case i can see i have one outstanding quote three orders

0:37 7 invoices and and also some kpi's or metrics regarding sales or so forth in

0:45 this case i want to convert my quote into an order

0:48 so I'm going to click on the tile that'll immediately open up a list of

0:53 all of my existing quotes in this case I have a couple options if I am if I know

1:00 I want to convert this quote into an order directly from the list i can

1:05 simply hit the make order button this will convert this sales quote into a

1:10 sales order and then it will assign a new sales order number but also retain

1:18 the original quote number but perhaps i need to confirm the items and quantities

1:25 and prices on the quote before I

1:28 converted into an order so I'm going to click on my assist button here and

1:34 select edit this will open up the sales quote details page here i can review the

1:41 items the quantities the prices if I need to revise a price for example let's

1:46 say this is now a hundred ninety five dollars

1:49 I can revise the quote as needed and then once i'm sure i'm ready to convert

1:56 to quote i'll click on the make order button from this page

2:01 it's the same function that runs from the list

2:05 in this case it's just placed on the sales quote document itself

2:09 I do get a message asking me to confirm that i do want to convert that quote to

2:13 an order in this case it's cute 0qu 0 1 0 1 0 so i'm going to say yes

2:21 at this point based on my settings

2:26 I may get an inventory availability message displayed or a credit limit or

2:32 past due balance warning message displayed

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