Creating a New Customer Ship to Address in Dynamics 365 for Financials - Project Madeira


0:02 in this session we're going to walk through the process of creating a new

0:16 customer ship to address

0:18 so in this example we have an existing customer the cannon group who has set up

0:25 a new warehouse in New York and we need to set that up so i'm going to click on

0:31 customers

0:32 I'm going to find the cannon group my existing customer and i'm going to click

0:37 on the little lips button and i'm going to edit this customer from the customer

0:45 record i'm going to select navigate and under navigate is where I have access to

0:51 my existing ship to addresses

0:54 it's also where I can create a new ship to address in this case we already have

1:01 two existing ship to addresses for the canon group LA los angeles and miami

1:09 we need to create a new warehouse for their new New York location

1:12 so I'm going to click on the new button on the top of my ship to list in this

1:19 case i can assign whatever code i want in this case we'll just type in NY

1:25 it will default in there

1:29 the customers name this can be modified here if needed i'll type in

1:38 the customers address and again it will default in the state zip code and

1:48 Country region code if I need to edit these I can

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