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Analyzing Customer Activity in Dynamics 365 for Financials - Project Madeira


0:02 in this session we're going to walk through the process of analyzing a

0:17 customer's activities

0:20 so from the home page

0:24 i'm going to click on customers in this example we'd like to analyze the

0:29 activities occurring for our customer of the cannon group directly from the list

0:35 of the existing balance fields are visible so to analyze the existing open

0:44 balance in this case of 4653 dollars

0:48 you'll notice that when you hover your cursor over this amount a line appears

0:53 this indicates that this field is drillable two additional details that

0:59 make up this balance

1:00 so if I click on that balance and taken to a list of entries that make up that

1:08 outstanding amount

1:09 specifically the sum of the remaining amount column is what makes up that

1:16 existing balance on the customers on the customer list

1:21 in this case you can see these are made of four individual invoices each with

1:27 the different invoice dates invoice numbers invoice descriptions and amounts

1:33 these records are called customer ledger entries a customer ledger entry is

1:40 written inside the system every time a financial transaction takes place for a

1:45 customer

1:46 this could include invoices credit memos or payments

1:53 but this screen right here only shows me the outstanding customer ledger entries

2:00 for the amounts that make up that balance to view a full list of all

2:05 activities for a customer

2:09 we're going to open the customer card from the customer card

2:16 I again have the ability to drill down to on the individual balance to see the

2:20 entries that make up that outstanding balance

2:23 however i also have access to a ledger entries button found under the navigate

2:29 ribbon tab if i click on ledger entries this view not only shows me the four

2:37 outstanding invoices similar to the balance field goal down but also every

2:43 other entry that's taken place and has already been fully applied for this

2:48 customer as an example we see that on februari 25th invoice number ind 10 3051

2:57 was posted for 201 dollars and fifty-one sense to view

3:05 what payment was applied against this invoice

3:08 I simply highlight the line select navigate up on the ribbon and select the

3:16 applied entries button this will display for me

3:21 the specific payment and payment number that was made

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