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Microsoft's Project Madeira - What We Know

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials

Yesterday Microsoft made public, plans to offer an independent financial solution that is different than Microsoft Dynamics SL, GP, NAV, or AX and it's called Project Madeira. Here's what we know:

Let's begin with my actual notes:

  • April 12, preview available for customers

  • The data resides in Azure SQL database, it is a multitenant public cloud service from Microsoft.

  • Independent Financial Solution

  • Completely new product

  • For organizations with 10-99 employees

  • Has complete mobile capabilities through apps (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

  • The Project "Madeira" preview will be publicly available April 12, 2016 at:

  • Able to do things right from Outlook in Office 365

  • Allows the user to be more productive because financial documents can be changed and or updated directly from your Outlook. There's no need to open up a separate financial application and then edit the document there.

  • There will be capabilities for Independent Software Vendors to add to the software

  • This is Microsoft's first true Saas Offering

  • It includes wizards to set up Financials

  • Able to migrate data from QuickBooks, excel and CRM

  • This is not a replacement for any other Microsoft Software

  • This is more than a financial solution

  • A complete list of all features will be made available closer to the launch date

  • This does not integrate with other ERP systems

  • It has a lot of the same look and feel as Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  • The official release will be in the second half of the calendar year 2016 (It's looking like September).

  • There is no pricing information available yet.

  • There is support for multi-company in a single database.

  • There will be pre-defined chart of accounts

  • Project Madeira is a global product

Example of how Project Madeira works:

Let's say you receive an email from a coworker asking you to update the quantity from 5 to 7 bicycles on sales quote HM875. Madeira recognizes "sales quote HM875" and is able to show you this particular quote directly within your email and allow you to update the quantity from within the email. There is no need to minimize Outlook, open up your financial application and update the quantity.

By eliminating the process of opening and switching applications Microsoft is allowing you to become more productive. It's also showing the vision of "Microsoft as One."

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