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Visual Scheduling Suite

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Graphical planning boards as add-ins for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

"Finally, Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been given a solution for a built in Gantt" - Jake Hostetler, International Channel Account Manager, Netronic

Why you’re here: NAV as your ERP System Microsoft’s Dynamics NAV is the next level of global enterprise resource planning for small and midsize businesses. But of course you know that or you wouldn’t be here. What you may not know is how your current NAV experience can become even more effective for your business via the simple and powerful addition of visual scheduling. Let’s see how.

Where you’ll go: Turning Imagination into Data Visualization To imagine is to visualize and for us this means realizing the value of your NAV data through visualization technology. Welcome to the NETRONIC Visual Scheduling Suite. This suite offers a visual scheduling frontend to the manufacturing, jobs, resource planning and service modules in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Powerful interactive Gantt chart technology keeps users in control of their schedules by enabling a bidirectional communication between the NAV data and the visual schedules. Imagine the ability to make drag a drop changes to a visual schedule that is always in tune with your NAV system. Imagine the possibilities.

How you’ll get there: Our Gantt Solutions The question remains, however, now that we know about visual scheduling and the possibilities, how do we get it into your NAV system? It’s easy. With our powerful Gantt chart technology our Visual Scheduling Suite delivers add-ins that have been proven for both Windows, Web and Tablet Clients. Our add-ins are based on the vanilla Dynamics NAV standard so that users which are trained on the standard NAV functionality do not require any additional training. Also, the close integration with the standard NAV allows a rapid installation so that the NETRONIC Visual Scheduling Suite yields a rapid ROI. So why wait? Get a demo set up today!

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Visual Scheduler Suite

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The Visual Production Scheduler

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Visual Production Scheduler

The Visual Production Scheduler (VPS) is an add-in which closely integrates with the NAV manufacturing module. It visualizes the results of the NAV MRP engine and allows users to quickly make intelligent changes to the schedule. The VPS helps schedule production orders, production order lines, and operations thus enabling better management of capacities and delivery time commitments. The Visual Production Scheduler provides:

• Four unique views focusing on: production order status, work and machine centers, capacity utilization, and bill-of-material (BOM) per production order. • See production orders, due dates, resource workloads and bottlenecks at one glance. All graphs are interactive, so that you can take corrective actions with simple mouse clicks immediately. • This transparency yields operational agility: capacities are better used, and delivery deadline commitments will be stronger. • The best part: your staff does not need extensive training for using the Visual Production Scheduler, and you do not need to invest into data quality. It is completely intuitive. • As a result, you can start immediately after setting up the program.

The Visual Jobs Scheduler

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Visual Jobs Scheduler

The Visual Jobs Scheduler (VJS) works with data from both the jobs and the resource planning module. The VJS provides graphical project planning and controlling capabilities to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and enables the users to visually schedule and manage jobs, job tasks, job planning lines and resources. This is achieved by also complementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV with some standard project management features such as the capability to create dependencies between both job tasks and job planning lines. These dependent tasks then can get rescheduled all at once with keeping the defined structure in place.

The Visual Jobs Scheduler provides the following advantages for users of the Microsoft Dynamics Jobs module:

• Improved quality of job planning by viewing jobs, job tasks, job planning lines and resources utilization at a glance, and the ability to modify it all by simple interactions. • Valuable transparency: the resource utilization will be improved and the accuracy of delivery date promises will be increased. • Recognized dependencies: links between job tasks can be added by one simple click; dependent job tasks can then be shifted or rescheduled en bloc. • Use the unassigned resources group to gain an idea of scheduling capacity before committing an allocation to a specific resource. • Filtering ability: filter not only on jobs but on specific resources and skills too! • No extensive training is required: as throughout the Visual Scheduling Suite, an intuitive experience consistent with a NAV users’ normal environment is maintained.

The Visual Service Scheduler

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Visual Service Scheduler

The Visual Service Scheduler (VSS) is based on the service and the resource planning module. The VSS is a graphical representation of the dispatch board and helps managing service orders, service item lines and resource allocations. It enables Microsoft Dynamics NAV users to allocate service orders to service engineers, to plan the time required to complete a service order, and to manage the service staff’s schedule.

The Visual Service Scheduler provides two standard views of the service data:

• The ‘Two Gantt charts’ view: See not yet allocated service orders (on a timeline by their response date) and the staff’s schedule as two Gantt charts on one screen. Move service orders from the “unallocated area” to the service schedule with drag & drop. • The ‘Gantt and tree chart’ (Shown above): See the not yet allocated service orders in a prioritized list at the right hand side besides the Gantt chart with the staff’s schedule. In addition, see the resource and resource group load from a histogram below the Gantt chart.

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