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Traffic & Parking Control Company Increases Sales by 25% With The Help of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

The Traffic & Parking Control Company (TAPCO) has been manufacturing and selling traffic and parking control systems and products since 1956. Despite experiencing great success and growth, TAPCO found that their ability to cultivate data and make important business decisions was being hindered by the software they were using. The software presented them with an inability to manage unstructured documentation. It largely lacked management metrics of any kind and it was devoid of any drill down functionality which would have allowed for quicker analysis and decision making capabilities.

TAPCO had decided it was time to reevaluate their software and to find a solution that would establish greater visibility and access to critical information within their business.

The Challenge:

The way business decisions are made is a constant and evolving process in today's environment. Decision makers are often overloaded and inundated with data, without necessarily being able to easily translate that data into useful information. This is a challenge many businesses face and having the right business management software can mean all the difference in the world of how well you can access data and make informed decisions.

The Solution:

Solution Systems, Inc. (SSI) was brought in to show how Microsoft Dynamics NAV would make it easier for TAPCO to control their order processing, workflow, document management and financial data. After fully understanding the scope and requirements of the project, the decision became clear that Dynamics NAV would provide the functionality TAPCO sought to add.

Solution Systems business analysts, implementation specialists and developers then worked diligently with multiple different teams at TAPCO for several months to implement the software. Results of the implementation rolled out in stages which required a great deal of coordination and communication between TAPCO and SSI. As part of the project, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), auto-shipment notification, automated email invoicing, auto-quote follow ups were implemented in order to provide TAPCO with functionality to make it easier to track and manager customer orders and related documentation. This functionality also provided smart logic that helps eliminate user error.

With the introduction of any new software, user training and technical support are very important to its successful launch within an organization.

Training people to work on a new software system can prove to be difficult challenge that is why, SSI worked closely with TAPCO's key users to establish proficiency of the new software throughout the organization. In the end this helped shorten the learning curve.

The Results:

It's been a year after Dynamics NAV has been implemented at TAPCO and company sales are up 25% and TAPCO is on its way to having a banner year. Access to real-time information has almost eliminated the need to pass paper around the company.

"The main difference for me has been being able to better manager our data", says Andy Bergholz, Vice President of Sales at TAPCO.

"We have so much new functionality and data that we could never have dreamed of having before. The shop floor data collection tool has given us the ability to analyze our production efficiencies down to each individual work cell. In turn, TAPCO is making faster and smarter decisions in managing and receiving customer orders."

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