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Get Better, Not Bigger Dashboards

Updated: Jul 21, 2021


When you’re running a growing business, it can be challenging to get a complete view of your financial picture and overall performance. You’ve spent your time focused on customers, suppliers and product lines, getting by with the accounting system that got you started. But there comes the time when each member of your team needs accurate, timely data to support better decisions.

Get better, not bigger dashboards with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

While “out of the box” dashboards come with many of today’s financial management systems, they can confuse as much as help. Your employees need information presented in a meaningful way – specific to their role in the organization. Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes it easy to deliver simple role-based dashboards to help employees focus on the information that impacts their job and department.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers information through:

  • Role based reporting to monitor current activity and compare it to historical performance and growth targets.

  • Easy access to charts and KPIs that provide a snapshot, but also allow you to drill into more detail when you need to dig deeper.

  • Ad-hoc query and analysis, especially with a familiar tool like Microsoft Office Excel, enables your team to control their view of data. They can compare budgets to actuals, analyze that information, make the necessary adjustments and then take action.

With the business intelligence capabilities in Business Central, you and your team will be notified when key thresholds are hit, either through emails in your inbox or messages on your homepage. For example, establish the parameters that make the most sense for your business and get alerts when sales drop below expectations, inventory levels rise or cash flow is a potential concern.

When you have the right insight and can take quick action, you can make the types of decisions that save and make real money.

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