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Microsoft Dynamics NAV vs SAP

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Dynamics NAV vs SAP

Clear Roadmap Microsoft Dynamics NAV has a clearly-defined and published roadmap, with support and enhancements guaranteed until at least 2017 and a migration path to the unified Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution. Microsoft publishes a comprehensive Statement of Direction that provides insight into planned product innovations. A long term plan is important when investing in a software package so ask SAP what their future solution roadmap for Business One is? Can they provide you with documentation to support any future plans? More Choices Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers more choice for customers which in many cases may result in a lower cost of ownership: - Concurrent-user model instead of named users gives more employees access to the application at a low price. - With proven scalability to 100+ concurrent users, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a solution that customers will not outgrow quickly. - 750+ vertical add-on solutions available. Customers who outgrow Business One may face a potentially costly migration to mySAP All-in-One or another solution. These two solutions have entirely different architectures and underlying technologies. A migration is likely to add cost. Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers scalability without the need to migrate to a new solution. Strong Functionality Strong, industry-leading functionality across financials, distribution, manufacturing, and integrated CRM to ensure that this is a solution you will not easily outgrow. Business One has limited vertical "out-of-the-box" capabilities and relies on partnerships to fill both horizontal- and vertical functional gaps. Flexibility Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an ideal choice for subsidiaries or divisions of larger enterprises because it is a standard solution with effective integration tools and enough flexibility to meet the varying needs of different business units. Microsoft has more integration in divisions of businesses using SAP at their headquarters than Business One has customers! Functionality Challenge Business One on basic functionality, Microsoft Dynamics has a larger functional footprint within our core offering. Experience There are over 45,000 users of all sizes and industries that trust and use Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Microsoft also has 20+ years of serving unique needs to mid market customers. Most of SAP's 30 years experience is working with enterprise organisations and Business One is a new solution and market for SAP, which they acquired in 2002. Rapid Implementation Methodology Microsoft Dynamics NAV's Rapid Implementation Methodology offers similar benefits to that of Business One. Architecture Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 runs on a state of the art three-tier architecture giving improved performance. Business One uses a two tier client server architecture where much of the business logic resides on the ‘fat’ client. Two tier architectures typically do not scale as well as three-tier architectures that deploy a second server between the client and the database server to manage user load.

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