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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Vs NetSuite

Dynamics NAV vs NetSuite

Is business intelligence of strategic importance?

While NetSuite delivers a dashboard and some out-of-the-box reports, its reporting engine and customization capabilities are limited. For more complex, forward business planning or industry driven reporting needs, ODBC connectivity lets companies link to their choice of Third party Business Intelligence which must be purchased separately.

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV BI and reporting tools users can build reports without IT assistance and share them across the company (even with users who do not have Microsoft Dynamics NAV) by using tools that do not have to be purchased separately (such as SQL Reporting Services, Excel Services, and others).

NetSuite requires a full user license for people who need only reports or access to some of the data. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, people who do not have an account can access reports and data with the “light” user SKU (Dynamics Client for Office).

As your business grows?

NetSuite is a hosted solution and therefore has some limitations to its adaptability to meet your changing business needs. As NetSuite does not support an on-premise model, the only option is to move to another vendor solution. Such a migration can lead to complexities related to data transfer, such as how long the customer has to move data, and if they have to pay NetSuite during the transition phase.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is scalable and grows with your business needs without the need to migrate to another software application.

Software upgrades over which you have no control?

Because the NetSuite software upgrade cycle cannot accommodate all the users of a multi-tenant environment, the upgrade could be disruptive and happen at a time when you least favour it.

How critical is response time to your business?

Though NetSuite claims anytime, anywhere access, it all depends on Internet availability and traffic. With no offline capabilities, user productivity could decrease if the response time is slow or an Internet connection is not available.

Performance also can affect response time. Because automated order entries and electronic batch updates have become commonplace, NetSuite recommends to limit the size of import transactions at any one time to avoid performance issues.

How important are business continuity and smooth operation with minimal downtime?

NetSuite states: ―Our services are delivered primarily out of a single data centre. Any disruption of service at this facility could interrupt or delay our ability to deliver our service to our customers. Our data facility is located in an area known for seismic activity, increasing our susceptibility to the risk that an earthquake could significantly harm the operations of this facility.

Customers can choose to pay extra for accelerated disaster recovery services, if they do not, and something were to happen to the data centre, customers could experience lengthy down time that they have no control over.

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