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Dynamics® NAV 2013 RapidStart Services

Updated: Jul 16, 2021


The new Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 RapidStart Services functionality is another iteration and step on of the functionality that has existed since Dynamics NAV v5.0 as the Data Migration Toolkit.

Most people will use this functionality to import data into NAV for go-lives or new data take-on. It allows the user to set up a Configuration Package that contains numerous tables that will be imported. For each table, the user can specify the fields that they want to import, whether they want to validate the data into those fields, and the order of the fields to be imported.

When later on, Microsoft added the simpler ‘Bin Mandatory’ functionality into NAV it became possible to specify a Bin Code on Item, Physical Inventory, and Reclassification Journals directly. However, ‘Directed Pick & Put-away’ Locations with a Zone code were explicitly excluded. This means that most of the code for writing the Warehouse Entries necessary to accommodate Bins is already present.

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