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What Does Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) Mean?


If you are considering an Add-On for your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution, you may have seen the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics logo. Understanding what this logo means is important when choosing a third-party product.

What the CfMD logo means to customers and prospects

This logo means the solution has met Microsoft’s highest accreditation available for partner solutions. This logo ensures the following:

  • The product(s) is Dynamics specific (ERP, CRM)

  • The solution has been tested for integration with the product it is intended to work with

  • The product(s) has been used and is recommended by end users, the Independent Software Vendor’s (ISV) customers

  • It is professionally implemented and systematically supported by the ISV or certified resellers of the ISV

Obtaining certification

The CfMD process takes about 40 days to complete and requires a fee paid for by the solution provider. Product testing is done by a third party rather than Microsoft.

5 key requirements to obtain CfMD status:

Visit the Business Solutions Certified for Microsoft Dynamics page for more information on CfMD or to download the CfMD solutions catalog.

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