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Why is a Solid Network Infrastructure Important for a Business?

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Businesses depend on IT Support and a network infrastructure for all aspects of daily operations. Reliable customer contact ensures gaining new clients and retaining current ones. In the day of technology, most companies depend on networks to organize and complete customers’ orders. Many products are delivered to the customers in digital format. Social media and online presence plays an important role in today’s business advertising. Payroll and client records are commonly accessed through corporation’s networks.

Network Infrastructure is important for a business

Ensuring a new customer can reach a business by phone, ensures the company will receive new clients and orders. If a customer finds a business online, but is unable to reach them by phone, the potential customer is most likely lost to another company. If an existing customer has questions about an order, but cannot reach customer service, it is unlikely the client will be a satisfied customer. Communication between business and client is one of the most important aspects of retaining happy customers, whether it is by phone or email. Customer follow-ups and order confirmations ensure customers are satisfied with the services or products the company has provided.

A well-organized company can deliver correct orders in a timely fashion. Incoming orders and inventory control can be stream-lined with a great network. A business can use email or internet-based software to manage current inventory and job scheduling. Without a solid network, essential access to information may be lost or delayed. This can cause a severe break-down in operations affecting productivity.

For example, a company manages its inventory online and takes orders over the phone. The internet access goes down, but the phones are still ringing. Workers may be taking orders for products that are out of inventory or even discontinued. A week later, the company is dealing with 200 upset customers.

Another important aspect to a company’s success is worker moral. When workers can easily access information they require to complete their job, the task is generally finished faster and to specification. Workers that experience issues contacting clients or co-workers on a specific product will have a harder time ensuring customer satisfaction. This can lead to loss of clients or bad reviews for the company.

Workers dealing with accounts receivable or purchasing may need to access databases over the internet to complete their work. Problems with internet reliability can greatly reduce the workers’ productivity, and have a direct impact on a company’s cash flow.

For businesses that deal with digital products, an unreliable internet network can be catastrophic. Customers purchasing products but not receiving them can be a nightmare for a company. Not only does it creates a bad reputation and unsatisfied customers, but could cause a decrease in moral for workers trying to do damage control.

Larger business use large databases for payroll and worker records. They keep track of workers hours and benefits. Payday may not go well if these records cannot be accessed.

One of the most important things for a company in today’s structure is engaging prospective customers through social networks. Twitter and Facebook have become two staples in business advertising. Without a reliable internet network, keeping social sites updated can be frustrating.

The importance of a solid network infrastructure is a crucial part of any business. Without customer contact, there are no customers. Without a smoothly running order department, a business cannot keep happy customers. Reliable phone and internet service can be the difference between a profitable company and failing one.

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