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SFA In Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

What is so phenomenal about Dynamics CRM Sales Force Automation? Well, there’s more than a few things.

Different types of organizations in different parts of the world are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales Force Automation to increase revenue by improving efficiency and effectiveness. Here’s why:

Lead to Cash Visibility - Track interactions, communications, offers, and orders throughout the sales cycle so you can drive sales excellence with every interaction.

Mobile Productivity - Continue to work the deal, engage with customers, and manage your sales pipeline with offline support and robust mobile device solutions.

Intelligent Lead Management – Easily convert leads and automatically route them to the most effective resource with intuitive lead management and flexible sales territories.

Holistic Account Management – Better understand your customers’ needs and preferences with a 360-degree customer view and easy-to-use segmentation tools.

Real-Time Forecasts - Keep your pulse on sales performance and improve financial planning with real-time sales forecasts and pipeline reports.

Features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales Force Automation Include:

  • Assign leads and tasks automatically based on predefined rules.

  • Role-based and group based permissions for easy information distribution.

  • View key performance indicators in real time with prebuilt dashboards.

  • Automatically track leads in one centralized system.

  • Easily track the sales of pipeline for improved financial planning.

  • Establish consistent sales processes enterprise-wide with predefined workflows.

So, is Microsoft Dynamics CRM right for you? You have to ask yourself these two questions:

  1. How well are you measuring your company’s sales performance?

  2. How are you tracking sales leads and opportunities as they come along?

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