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Outsourced IT: The Right Answer for Your Company?

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

The decision to hire in-house IT Support Professionals vs. outsourcing that function is one that is truly based on individual company needs. Read on to see what the right option for your company may be. To outsource IT or not to outsource IT? That is the question that many decision makers in business ponder over when deciding how to handle growing technology support needs necessary for continued growth. Having an employee who is a go-to when IT issues arise is invaluable. There is virtually no waiting for them to handle problems, and they of course (should) have intimate knowledge of your system to take care of your unique needs – efficiently. As technology continues to evolve, so does the need for continuing education for your IT people. That cost on top of salaries and benefits can begin to mount. And what if your IT professional is sick? Maybe you have a second individual on staff, but what if their car breaks down on the way to work? Having a back-up plan, a.k.a. an outsourced IT company, can prove to be a safeguard when worst case scenarios arise. When it comes to training, companies who specialize in IT support make it their business to ensure they have the most highly qualified individuals on staff. Its part of the cost of running their business. Those companies also take care of salary and benefits, which adds up to significantly less cost for business leaders who need around the clock support-even during holidays and time off for vacations, sickness or other reasons. The overarching question to ask yourself is if IT issues your employees currently assist with are in line with your overall business goals. Are support issues taking your employees away from work you need them to accomplish to grow your bottom line? Answer these questions, and you’ll know whether in-house or outsourcing your IT function is the best choice for your business.

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