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Dynamics NAV Customer: TAPCO Traffic & Parking Control Company

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Prior to implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Wisconsin-based TAPCO, Inc. – who has been manufacturing and selling traffic and parking control systems since 1956 – was experiencing difficulty with their business management software. Among the issues were the inability to cultivate data and make important business decisions based upon that data. TAPCO also was unable to manage metrics through their software, and did not have drill down functionality to allow for quick analysis.

In 2011, TAPCO – not unlike other manufacturers or distributors inundated with data – needed more immediate access to important information/data so the company could make informed business decisions relating to productivity and growth. They need an ERP business software solution that made sense based upon their needs.

When Solution Systems, Inc. (SSI) initially began working with TAPCO, the evaluation of how their current software was working for them showed it hindered the company from managing any type of metrics for reporting purposes. TAPCO also did not have the ability to receive quick analysis on those metrics to enhance decision making capabilities.

TAPCO needed a more integrated and comprehensive software program to view all types of data more immediately.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provided those vital capabilities, and much more.

Business analysts, implementation specialists and developers worked hand in hand with TAPCO to roll out the software, which was executed gradually in stages over several months.

Part of the implementation included Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), auto shipment notification and automated email invoicing.

“We have so much new functionality and data that we could never have even dreamed of before,” said Andy Bergholz, vice president of sales at TAPCO. “The shop floor data collection tool has given us the ability to analyze our production efficiencies down to each individual work cell.”

An auto quote follow-up functionality also was utilized to allow TAPCO easier tracking and management of customer orders and related documentation. Smart logic with auto quote eliminated user error as well.

With any new software program, the issue of training employees can be a challenge. SSI worked closely with TAPCO’s key users to ensure they were highly proficient in utilizing the new software, and able to help the organization become acclimated to it – shortening the learning curve. Technical support also was, and is provided on an ongoing basis by SSI.

Just a year after implementation, TAPCO reported sales were up 25-percent, which Bergholz credited in part to more solid and streamlined management of company data.

TAPCO is making faster and smarter decisions, Bergholz said.

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