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Accounting Professionals: Are you Ready (or Considering) the Paperless Route?

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Times are changing, and so is the need for all that paper that may be involved in your day-to-day accounting functions. Technology has paved the way for accounting departments, specifically in the manufacturing industry, to utilize management of paperless documents and workflow, according to Jim Mandt, vice president of technical services for Metafile Information Systems. Mandt credits Microsoft Dynamics software products, including Microsoft Dynamics NAV, as an effective solution to create a fully integrated “Paperless ERP” system. From customers to suppliers to partners, Mandt says paperless accounting technology reaches all areas of the manufacturing industry. Therefore, it must work seamlessly and without fail. Mandt names five areas which are absolutely necessary for manufacturing organizations to inquire about when considering software technology – and a partner to provide it – which would enable highly effective paperless document management with solid and long-term returns:

  • Process: Evaluation of the unique accounting process to each company must be completed by your software provider prior to implementation.

  • Customization: Your provider must be able to tailor the solutions they offer to the AP/AR environment.

  • Workflow Capabilities: In addition to going paperless, efficiency of current procedures should be identified by your software provider.

  • ERP Integration: Return on Investment, a.k.a. long term savings should be identified by your software provider.

  • Service and Support: Long term support and an eye toward the future needs of your company are vital services your software provider also should offer you.

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