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Jay Earnshaw, Dutch Farms

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

“We knew our Unix-based system was going to soon be extinct, so we needed a new ERP package. We wanted to find a solution that would offer us a full range of functionality, was fully integrated, and would let us evolve right alongside with the continual changes in technology and needs of our customers.

We now have the means to forge ahead as an independent, midsize distributor in the extremely competitive, thin-margin perishable-goods industry. In our industry, timeliness is everything; by using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we can provide the next-day delivery that is so critical to our customers. The return-on-investment of Microsoft Dynamics NAV has actually come in our ability to now have visibility and control over all areas of the business.

As we have grown and acquired more businesses, we have enabled those businesses to use the ERP system so that we can perform tasks from inventory management and purchasing to pricing centrally. What’s great is that I don’t have to be at our Detroit operation, for example, to know what’s going on there. By using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, I can see and control every aspect of our operation.

We’re striving to become a major player with the chain operations that need a regional supplier. And with Microsoft Dynamics NAV in place, we can do that because we can meet all their system requirements, such as EDI. And because of the flexibility of the solution, we can keep up with any other requirements they set for their distributors.”

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