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James O’Brien, Print Management Partners

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

"The industry-specific ERP system that we previously used made it difficult to accommodate some of our customers’ needs.

We outgrew the capabilities of our old system and, we relied on the vendor to make changes—sometimes they could make those changes, and sometimes they could not. What was worse was that sometimes the changes didn’t meet our expectations, causing further delays.

After considering our options, we chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV from Solution Systems. As soon as we started using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we saw an immediate difference. At first, we still did the checks, but we soon found that was unnecessary. And, we can easily trace back information to the transaction level if we need to verify something. Everything is integrated and available in real time throughout the company.

By using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we can see that our rate of accurately billed, on-time shipments meets Six Sigma standards. That means we have less than three errors in every million transactions. Achieving those measures is great, but what’s even better is when we can prove that we’re doing it. These reports have definitely strengthened our relationship with our important customers.”

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