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Dawn Kluchenek, SEPS, Inc.

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

“I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with our new Solution set-up. The migration from the old IBM server and software to the new virtual server and Linux went smoothly thanks to the time and forethought of the Solution Systems team. You covered all the bases upfront and with the exception of one old set of files that needed to be converted, the transition was seamless.

I don’t know if you were nervous about it or not, but I’m sure there is a certain amount of fear when you have to transition as many users and printers as we have. You did a great job!

Our system speed has increased enormously which I am very grateful for. A month end closing process that was taking me two hours due to system resources now takes me thirty minutes. Order entry takes our people much less time than it used to so we’ve seen an increase in productivity. All in all it has changed our lives!

On the Windows side of the virtual server, we are all enjoying Microsoft Exchange – I never imagined it could be so good! I’m looking forward to exploring more functions and applications on the Small Business Server side.

Great job! Thanks for helping our business!”

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