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By 2027, cloud computing will become the predominant computing model.

By 2027, cloud computing will dominate as the prevailing computing paradigm. Today, the cloud is typically viewed as a technology platform, but this perception will drastically evolve over the next few years. Cloud computing will transcend its role as a mere application delivery mechanism to emerge as the primary catalyst for driving innovation in businesses.

Digital enterprises heavily rely on technology to maintain competitive operations and enhance customer experiences. At the forefront of recent and emerging technological advancements lies the cloud, which fuels innovations such as artificial intelligence, event-driven architectures, IoT services, next-generation user interfaces, edge computing, quantum computing, and real-time situational awareness.

This comprehensive research outlines our top predictions for the state of cloud computing in 2027, offering detailed insights into the rationale behind these forecasts and providing essential strategic guidance for IT leaders to adequately prepare for the future.


White Paper

Gartner Research's The Future of Cloud Computing in 2027: From Technology to Business Innovation

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