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Three Key Features of iSolutions and How They Work Together

The iSolutions App highlights three key features that work together to simplify AR automation and collections management. These features include automatic emailing, embedded payment links in invoices, and elimination of duplicate entry. Let’s break go over each of these features and how they work together to save you time.

Automatic Email

Our automated email feature eliminates the need to manually hit print/send after posting each invoice within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This cuts down significant time with your day-to-day process. We recognize that not all customers will want to be emailed their invoices, so this setting is configurable at the customer level on the document profile setting.

Business Central Customer Card

Embed Payment links in your invoices

When your customer receives their automated email with an invoice attached, they will also receive a click-to-pay link embedded on the PDF and body of the email. The customer can pay by credit card or ACH. The app also has the ability to pass along convivence fees if you choose to do so.

Business Central Posted Sales Invoice

Elimination of Duplicate Entry

Once your customer makes a payment on the pay link (or anywhere throughout Business Central), the iSolutions app will automatically make a real time entry on the customer ledger, marking the invoice as paid. Our solution also can also make the bank deposit entry the next day once you have been funded.

Business Central Sample Merchant

So, in short, once you create an invoice, it can be automatically sent out to the customer with an embedded payment link. Once the customer pays the open invoice, it will get automatically get marked as paid and make a real time entry on the customer ledger. These three features working together will significantly help your business stay on track with collections management, while saving time, allowing you to spend more time running your business.

Download the iPayment App with the Microsoft AppSource link below. Questions? Email us at or click here.

Available on Microsoft AppSource

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