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Project Madeira - What is it?

Project Madeira a.k.a. Dynamics 365 for Financials is Microsoft's first public cloud service offering and is a business solution geared toward small and midsize businesses. Project Madeira will be part of Microsoft's Dynamics 365 offering and will be able to be licensed by either subscription or role. This unique user license offering along with Project Madeira's robust features give your organization the tools to keep growing.

Project Madeira will aim to make you more productive by connecting with familiar Microsoft products such as Excel and Outlook. In Outlook, Project Madeira virtually eliminates switching between business applications because the software will identify business context and present the user with the proper tools needed from directly within outlook.

Project Madeira was built with "mobile" on the minid. If your business is always mobile or if you are a larger company with sales agents out in the field, Project Madeira and it's information can be accessed from any device at anytime.

If you would like more information regarding Project Madeira please view our other blog posts here and view our Project Madeira web page here.

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