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Creating a New Item in Dynamics 365 for Financials - Project Madeira


0:00 yeah

0:02 in this session we're going to walk through the process of creating a new

0:15 item from my home menu I'm going to click on items

0:21 the the presentation of my item list can be changed by clicking on the buttons on

0:27 the top

0:28 I can look at a list of items large pictures or small pictures in this case

0:34 we're going to add a new item so i'm going to click on the new button on the

0:40 top of the item list

0:41 the system is automatically assigned 1002 as my new item number for

0:48 additional information on how the system assigns numbers to new records in the

0:54 system

0:54 please refer to our session on setting up and managing number series this case

1:01 i'm going to create a new item so i'm going to create a 19 inch ultra scan

1:07 monitor

1:09 i'm also going to define the type of the item if it isn't it's either an

1:16 inventory item or service

1:20 obviously if I want to keep track of quantity on hand I'll set this up as an

1:25 inventory item

1:27 next is the base unit of measure this is the primary unit of measure that I want

1:33 to track my my costs and prices and quantities inside the system so i'll

1:39 select pieces and lastly i can select if I whether or not i want to receive a

1:45 stock out warning when entering orders or quotes for this new item if i have a

1:51 list price i can enter the list price for this item right here

1:58 and if i have an expected cost for this item

2:03 I can enter that here there are several additional fields here including general

2:12 product posting group inventory posting group and some additional replenishment

2:15 fields in order to populate those fields quickly and accurately i'm going to

2:21 select under my actions ribbon

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