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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015: It's More Than CRM

The Microsoft Dynamics team has recently released some great new ads showing how various Microsoft technologies will work together in Dynamics CRM 2015.

The first ad is “Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your Business”

The Cortana integration is a new feature recently announced, and the functionality to be included in Dynamics CRM 2015 has not yet been officially published. This video should not be considered a demonstration of the Cortana functionality that will be in Dynamics CRM 2015, but rather a vision of where the product is going.

This article from PC World includes details of what commands will be supported with Cortana in Dynamics CRM 2015. For a more real-world demonstration of the Cortana (and Siri) integration coming in Dynamics CRM 2015, see this video demonstration by Fred Studer.

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