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CWR Mobility returns to the fold as newest Microsoft Dynamics Global ISV (GISV)


Mobile solutions provider CWR Mobility announced that it has joined the Global ISV (GISV) program for Microsoft Dynamics, making it a preferred provider of mobile solutions for large Dynamics CRM deals.

CWR Mobility is a veteran mobile solution provider - one of the most prominent in the space along with Resco. These firms have survived in the Dynamics CRM channel by providing a next level of capabilities and sophistication that Microsoft's out of the box mobile apps can't provide.

In naming CWR Mobility as a GISV, Microsoft is making a distinct move in a competitive niche of the Dynamics space. It's not the first time, either. Microsoft named ReadSoft as a GISV in the highly contested AP Automation space in December 2013.

This isn't CWR Mobility's first partnership with Microsoft. In 2012 they were selected by Microsoft as the OEM for official Dynamics CRM mobile clients that were expected to accompany a 2012 service update to Dynamics CRM. After some Dynamics CRM release delays, the partnership slowly faded away and Microsoft built its own mobile-friendly interfaces for the various phone platforms.

But Microsoft's own mobile CRM efforts have left market space for specialist vendors like CWR Mobility. The new announcements suggests that Microsoft has decided not to pursue certain advanced mobile capabilities, at least for now.

ISV solutions are still regarded by Dynamics CRM partners as one of the standard options when considering a customer's mobile needs. A third party mobility solution can be an excellent option for organizations that want more than basic mobile access but less than a fully customized solution. Solution providers like CWR Mobility can offer more advanced capabilities like support for xRM apps, broader and more frequent updates to device compatibility, lots of configuration options, and support for advanced management features like security, offline synchronization, and device control.

Microsoft considers GISVs a key piece of the Dynamics enterprise strategy. At WPC 2013, Microsoft announced four new members in the program, with plans to continue adding to the list. As WPC 2014 nears, more GISV announcements are not out of the question.

The GISV program, which is three years old now, is exceeding its target revenue number overall according to Doug Kennedy, Microsoft VP for the Dynamics partner organization. In an interview in March, he explained that his team is focused on strengthening the connections between system integrators and GISVs and accelerating the adoption of these solutions.

GISVs are promised greater reach into enterprise deals run by Microsoft and its global system integrators, while also agreeing to boost their own investments in technology, marketing, and partner support. GISVs also agree to meet revenue goals for Microsoft.

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