Make-to-Order Manufacturing with Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central helps Make-to-Order Manufacturers meet the unique requirements that are not met through traditional manufacturing software. Business Central’s unique tools allow you to quote a price to the customer, receive and enter the order, order materials not stocked, manufacturer the product, and ship directly to the customer without passing through inventory.  

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Business Central Make-to-Order Solutions 

Make-to-order manufacturers often find it difficult to provide accurate estimates quickly because they begin with not knowing their true cost of manufacturing for the parts they are either making or ordering. These particular business insights are often times not readily available because they are not properly tracked by many make-to-order manufacturers. An ERP software that provides an end-to-end view or your organization will make all of the difference in your company’s ability to react to customer requirements and provide faster and more accurate estimates. 

Streamlined order-to-invoice

Reduced inventory costs

Faster delivery times

Reduced inventory costs

Drive Growth and Profitability with Key Features

Man at his Desk
  • Estimating and Quoting

    • Estimator's Worksheet detailed calculation

    • Template for standard product structure

    • Multi-level BOM options

  • Make-to-Order Manufacturing Schedule

  • CAD Integration

  • Billing

    • Milestone and cost plus

    • Percentage of Completion, T&M & Fixed Fee

    • Earned revenue worksheet

  • Work in Process (WIP)

    • Auto-post WIP

    • Auto-post Recognition

    • Audit Trail

  • Order Traceability

  • Reporting

  • Procurement

    • Demand based purchasing

    • Buy direct to jobs

    • Subcontracts and outside processing

    • Open PO Visibility on Job Statistics window

  • Labor Tracking

    • Time collection stations

    • Clock in / Clock out with shift tracking

    • Scanner Interface

    • Web services option for remote Time Entry

  • Automatically Capture Administration Over-head on Jobs

  • Build Estimated Overhead Costs In To Job Estimates

  • Supply Chain Integration

  • Increase Margin With More Accurate Quoting

  • Flexibility on Rates for People, Machines, Material and other Expenses

  • Easy to Track and Audit Overhead Entries


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