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Power BI Support and Implementation

"I came, I saw, I created visualizations."

- Magnum, B.I.

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Power BI Support and Implementation

Magnum, B.I. is on the case solving your issues by bringing your data to life with Microsoft Power BI 


  • Transform data into stunning visuals and share them with colleagues

  • Visually explore and analyze data. On premises and in the cloud--all in one view.

  • Collaborate on and share customized dashboards and interactive reports.

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Microsoft Power BI

Power BI Case Study


Renault Sport Formula One Team uses data to make rapid changes for an even faster race car

Renault Sport Formula One Team

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Connect to what matters most to you, your data.

It doesn't matter what type or where it's from. 

Solution Systems and Magnum, B.I. help companies like yours.

We'll identify and develop tools to ensure your processes operate as expected. 

  • Convert your spreadsheet to high-functioning data applications 

  • Identify broken and missing processes that are causing you less-than optimal results

  • Clearly write requirements to improve and automate processes, then...

  • Build your cloud solution with new and improved processes

  • Integrate applications with data sources across the enterprise to create a consistent and consolidate user experience

  • Secure your data with roles and permissions for only the appropriate people

  • Make it easy to capture 'know-how' that stays, versus leaves, the company

  • Digitize, organize and store your data, centrally. 

And of course...

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Automate activities your doing manually