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[Podcast] Business Central 2020 Release Wave 1 New Features Overview

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

A Shot of Business Central and A Beer podcast


On Today’s podcast we’re talking about all of the new features set to be released in Business Central’s Spring Release Wave 1 update, Attachments and Links within Business Central, and we’re giving you 5 steps to take before purchasing an app.

Segment Start Times

  • Intro & Beer: 0min 25sec

  • Shot of Business Central - Updates: 5min 14sec

  • Double Shot of Business Central - Release Wave 1 Features Overview: 11min 30sec

  • BC Feature Spotlight - Attachments and Links in Business Central: 52min 20sec

  • BC Feature App - 5 Steps To Take Before Puchasing: 59min 00sec

You can also listen to us at:

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A Shot of Business Central and A Beer Show Notes

Segment 1 – Beer Review

Beer - Iron Maiden Trooper

Given to us by last month’s podcast guest, Jim Gio from Triangle Package Machinery. So thank you very much Jim we appreciate it!

Brewed by Robinson Brewery:

  • Based in the heart of Stockport for almost two centuries, and owning 300 tenanted and managed pubs, inns and hotels across the North West, ‘Robinsons’ is one of oldest and most respected names in British brewing history.

Iron Maiden Trooper was launched in 2013:

Award-winning Premium British Beer brewed with legendary band Iron Maiden

Our Ratings: Ken = 80 and Michael = 70

Iron Maiden Trooper Beer

Segment 2 - A Shot of Business Central

Business Central's Cloud Rollup Updates

Base product:

  • Platform updates: 18

  • Application updates: 42

  • Total Base updates: 60

Localized version updates:

  • North America: 7

  • All other countries: 38

  • Total Localized updates: 45 (APAC, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech, DACH (Ger., Austria, Switz.), Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, UK)

Total updates: 105

Segment 3 – A Double Shot of Business Central


Auto-insert recurring sales and purchase lines

Enhanced customer and vendor document layout

Relevant for: anyone using multiple formats for a single type of document.

Manage direct-debit collections in Service Management

Relevant for: anyone using Service Management and Direct Debit payment methods for customer invoices.

Notify requester about all changes for an approval request

Relevant for: anyone using Approval Requests on documents within Business Central

Receive more items than ordered

Relevant for: anyone who creates Purchase Orders and receives inventory against them where they may need to receive more than what was ordered. (weights, one-off production runs)

Revert Qty. to Invoice when canceling order

Relevant for: anyone who needs to cancel Posted Invoices.

Bank reconciliation improvements

Relevant for: Anyone using the Business Central Bank Reconciliation functionality

Multiple Languages

Relevant for: anyone who may need Business Central to operate in additional languages besides the standard language (English for US/NA customers)


Relevant for: future deployments in specific countries outside of the US/NA


API for continuous delivery of the AppSource apps via Azure DevOps services.

Relevant for: partners developing Apps for Business Central


Relevant for: existing Microsoft Dynamics customers migrating from NAV or GP

Migrate data from Business Central 14.x on-premises to Business Central 15.x online

Enhanced Dynamics GP Chart of Accounts migration

Migrate all or only active customer master records from Dynamics GP

Migrate all or only active vendor master records from Dynamics GP

Enhanced Dynamics GP inventory data migration


Disable export of data to Excel

Relevant for: all Business Central users

Enable non-interactive printing with advanced printer selection

Relevant for: all Business Central users

Enhanced mobile accessibility related to device orientation

Relevant for: All Business Central Phone/Tablet App users

Import profiles and UI customizations

Relevant for: all BC users - with custom/tailored Role Centers and related Pages

Improved load time for pages

Improvements to data entry

Relevant for: all BC users

Improvements to filters and views on lists

Relevant for: all BC users

Improvements to pages composed of multiple parts

Relevant for: all BC users

Navigate trees more easily

Relevant for: all BC users

Unhide parts on a page

Relevant for: all BC users

Collapse and expand document lines

Relevant for: all BC users


Relevant for: Business Central developers

Application version for aliasing base application

Relevant for: Business Central developers

Camera/location AL API available in the browser

Relevant for: Business Central developers

Look up events and insert event subscriber in code

Relevant for: Business Central developers

Multiple variable declarations of the same type in the same line

Relevant for: Business Central developers

Obsolete tag and URL properties

Relevant for: Business Central developers

Ability to refactor a field from a table to a table extension

Relevant for: BC developers for On Premise customers with customizations to standard tables.


Relevant for: new Business Central deployments


Business Central integration with Common Data Service


Resource limits for reports and web service calls

Relevant for: all Business Central users

Telemetry in Application Insights for partners

Relevant for: all Partners, on behalf of all customers

Read scale-out

Relevant for: all Business Central users

Segment 4 - Attachment and Links in Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central attachments vs links


You can attach any type of file, containing text, image, or video, to a card or document. This is useful, for example, when you want to store a vendor’s invoice as a PDF file on the related purchase invoice in Business Central.


You can add a link from a card or document to any URL or path. This is useful, for example, when you want to link an item card with the supplier’s item catalog.

In the App: Cannot past link into Link Address Field! Works in the web browser.

Segment 5 – 5 Steps To Take Before Purchasing and App

1. Talk with your Microsoft Partner. Tell them what pain you are experiencing that is causing you to investigate apps. You may not even need an app. Business Central might have the functionality that you are wanting, but if not, your partner can make recommendations on Apps. Microsoft Partners, and especially Gold Microsoft ERP Partners, have worked with numerous amounts of ISVs for all types of applications

2. Go to Microsoft AppSource and explore the different apps. Most reputable ISVs that have designed apps will be listed on AppSource.

3. View Documents, pictures, and videos in AppSource about the app.

4. Google the app and see if there are more videos, a website, and what others are saying about the app.

5. Research the ISV

  • How long have they been in business?

  • What does your partner know about them?

  • Google the organization and see what others are saying.

  • Check out their website. Does it appear to be modern and up to date?

  • Do they have other apps? If so, see what others have said about them.

Closing Statement

Thanks everyone for listening, you can find the show notes and links on our website

Please subscribe to the podcast, share it, or tell a friend about it.

On next month’s episode we’ll give some first-hand accounts of how well some of the new features work within Business Central so be sure to listen. See ya then!

Do you have some questions regarding Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? Let us know below or click here to schedule a time for us to call you!


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