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Embrace the Future: Navigating Parcel Shipping in 2024 with Business Central

Business Central Shipping

The Impending Shift in Parcel Shipping

As we navigate into 2024, the parcel shipping landscape is set for significant upheaval, primarily impacting SMBs. With major carriers like FedEx and UPS signaling a steep 5.9% increase in service rates due to rising operational costs, the thriving e-commerce sector further exacerbates demand and strains delivery networks.

Leveraging Automation for Efficiency

In the face of these challenges, SMBs rapidly turn to automation to streamline their shipping processes. Central to this strategic pivot is the adoption of rate-shopping, which allows businesses to efficiently manage costs by selecting the most economical shipping rates across multiple carriers.

Dynamics 365 Business Central: The Core of SMB Operations

Dynamics 365 Business Central emerges as a popular platform for SMBs, especially those moving away from simpler solutions like QuickBooks. Despite its comprehensive ERP capabilities, there exists a gap in its shipping functionalities that demands a more integrated approach.

Introducing Order Ship Express: The Ultimate Shipping Solution

To bridge this gap, Insight Works introduces Order Ship Express as a pivotal enhancement to Business Central. This transformative, license-free app integrates essential features such as rate-shopping and efficient label printing, empowering SMBs to tackle the evolving challenges of shipping rates head-on.

Streamlining Shipping with Advanced Features

Order Ship Express enhances Business Central with seamless carrier integration and real-time rate access, enabling businesses to make swift, informed decisions on shipping strategies that align with their operational and budgetary requirements.

The Strategic Advantage of Rate-Shopping

Rate-shopping stands out as a critical feature within Order Ship Express. The app provides SMBs with a powerful tool to navigate the fluctuating economic landscape of 2024 by comparing and choosing the most cost-effective shipping options.

Your Partner in Adapting to Change

As a Microsoft Partner, we're uniquely positioned to assist SMBs in leveraging Order Ship Express within Dynamics 365 Business Central to confront the challenges of rising shipping rates, ensuring long-term operational success and competitiveness in the parcel shipping domain. For more information, visit or contact us directly.


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