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5 Things about Business Central your boss wants you to know

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Whether you are a brand new employee or an existing one there are certain things within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central your boss would like you to know.

Future projections

Understand the system

At first glance Business Central's layout could appear simple and easy to navigate, or for some, it may seem like an entirely new world. If you're part of the latter there's really no need to panic and pass out. Business Central is designed to be efficient which means everything is accessible easily. Even if you cannot find it on the role center (home page) all you have to do is select the light bulb at the top right and search for whatever it is you need.

How to look up Customer information

There's going to come a time when you need to see some of the information associated with a specific customer. Where's this information located and how do you find it? The information is located on the customer card and that can be found by either clicking customers (if seen) on your role center or by searching customers within the global search, and then drilling down on a particular customer.

How to look up Item information

Locating item information is basically the exact same process as looking up customer information within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Start by either clicking items on your role center or searching for them and then drill down on the item you want to see the information of.

How to switch from one Company to another

Whether you are part of an umbrella organization or a smaller company that has a parent company knowing how to switch between companies in Business Central can be important. Luckily, this is very simple in Business Central and all that needs to be done is to select Settings (the small gear in the top right corner), choose My Settings, select the ellipsis (3 dots) next to the Company listed and choose which Company you want to switch to.

How to search for an Extension

Maybe your boss wants a list of all extensions installed on your tenant, for you to fix an extension, or maybe you've been tasked with finding an extension that is needed. Either way, knowing where to navigate is vital. To search your current extensions you can either select Setup & Extensions -> Manage on the role center or search for Extension Management in the global search. Once on the Extensions Management page you'll be able to see all installed extensions. To search for new extensions from this page you select Manage at the top and choose Extension Marketplace.

Tip: You can also search for app and extensions by going to the Microsoft AppSource web page at:

What else do you think is a "must know" for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? Leave your answer in the comments section below.

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