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Selling as a team

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales users

Since today's buyers are more informed when they engage with your organization, your sales team needs to be equipped to take the sale the last mile. They need collaboration and communication tools that connect them with the rest of the business.

Collaborative selling

Social connectedness has become an important tool for external customer interactions, but is equally important to sales teams for internal collaboration. When buyers engage with your company, they have done the research. They ask informed questions that your salespeople need to respond to quickly and accurately.

Salespeople need to be able to connect with the resources and people within the organization who can provide deeper responses. Through integrated web conferencing, instant messaging, and social collaboration, your sales team can tap into the organizational knowledge without missing a beat.

Content and documents to support the sales process

In most cases today, content and documents are a big part of the selling process. Instead of making salespeople search through endless folders, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales allows sales people to access information directly through the application they use to manage their day.

As sales professionals create documents for buyers, including presentations, proposals and RFPs they need the input of the experts in the organization. Collaboration for team selling with Yammer, SharePoint and Lync simplifies working across the organization to build compelling documents that close deals quickly.

The mobile world of sales

As an extension of the business, your salespeople take your products and services to customers. No matter where business takes them, your salespeople need the same access to information in the field as they do in the office. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, they will get real-time information on the mobile phone or tablet of their choice.

Enable your sales team to connect and work together across the office or around the world. With Business Central, Office 365 – all part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales experience – people and information are only a click away.

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