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Tea With Microsoft Teams: A Teams Overview

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Welcome to Tea with Microsoft Teams!

Are you one of the millions of people who recently signed up for Microsoft Teams to help you work from home during the #Cornavirus pandemic? To help you we're introducing #TeaWithMicrosoftTeams. A short series of introductory videos to get you familiar and configured with Teams.

In this first video we'll cover a basic overview of Microsoft Teams and its sections.

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Video Host: Michael Intravartolo

YouTube Transcript

00:07 hello everyone with the current corona

00:10 virus pandemic upon us and millions and

00:13 more users now signed up with Microsoft

00:15 teams I thought it would be beneficial

00:17 to sort of break down Microsoft teams so

00:20 I'm Michael Intravartolo of Solution Systems

00:23 systems and a welcome to tea with

00:25 Microsoft teams this is where I'll

00:27 showcase features and functionality on

00:29 Microsoft teams for you in a series of

00:31 short videos I've got my tea as you can

00:36 see so let's get into today's video

00:39 which today's video is just going to be

00:40 a short introductory video to Microsoft

00:43 here we go all right out of the

00:46 box team comes with six sections you've

00:49 got the team section the calendar

00:50 section the activities section the chat

00:52 section the call section and the file

00:55 section each section serves a different

00:57 purpose that really helps you

00:58 collaborate with your colleagues

01:00 the first section I want to talk about

01:02 though is is a team section this is

01:06 where you're gonna see a list of all the

01:07 teams that you're part of the teams are

01:09 then made up of channels that can be

01:10 built by a department topic or just for

01:13 fun this is really where you're gonna

01:14 hold your meetings have team

01:16 conversations and share files I

01:18 particularly like that the channels

01:20 there the teams have channels that you

01:23 can create especially if you have a big

01:25 project that you're working on let's say

01:26 you got a bunch of people working on the

01:27 same project but each group of people

01:31 has their own type of thing that they're

01:32 doing you create channels for each one

01:34 as we have here and it works out really

01:36 really well

01:37 second section I want to talk about is

01:39 the calendar section the calendar

01:43 section it's really we gonna see

01:46 everything from your Outlook calendar or

01:48 things that you've created for this

01:50 calendar with the beauty of this is

01:51 though if you create something in your

01:53 team's calendar it automatically syncs

01:55 with your office 365 Outlook calendar

01:56 and vice versa if you create something

01:58 in your office 365 Outlook calendar it

02:01 automatically syncs with your your team

02:04 calendar so this is basically your

02:07 Outlook calendar within teams third

02:10 section I want to talk about is the

02:12 activity

02:13 detection now the activity section is

02:16 where I start my day there's where I

02:18 start when I join teams every day it's I

02:23 start here because it's simply where

02:24 you're gonna see your unread messages

02:26 whether or not anybody's mentioned you

02:28 or if anybody's replied to do anything

02:31 that you've posted the next section I

02:34 want to talk about is the chat section

02:37 this is the section where you're going

02:39 to see a log of all your recent

02:40 individual chats that you've had on

02:42 Microsoft teams it's a great tool if you

02:45 want to go back and reference something

02:46 it's really nice that it it keeps the

02:49 chats for you next up we've got the call

02:53 section here's where you'll see your

02:56 colleagues or any type of recent calls

02:59 that you've had with anybody who has

03:00 teams you can call them through

03:02 Microsoft teams by either audio or

03:05 through a video call if you pay for a

03:07 calling plan through Microsoft you'll

03:09 get a little key pin here and then you

03:11 can make any calls that you want to

03:13 anybody who actually has a a phone

03:17 finally we got the file section this is

03:20 where you're gonna see your files you

03:22 can connect to onedrive to access files

03:24 real quickly it's pretty nice up here

03:28 you've got your command bar you can

03:30 search through apps you can search for

03:32 context over here is where you're gonna

03:34 see your status right currently I'm

03:37 presenting you can set your status

03:38 message to whatever you want you can see

03:40 save things you can change all your

03:42 settings over here so all all teams is

03:45 really nice very good for collaboration

03:46 and as this video series goes on we're

03:49 gonna dive more into all of these

03:50 sections right here so stay tuned see in

03:55 the next video


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