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How to Create a Release Wave 2 Business Central Preview Sandbox

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

So you love Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as much as we do and can’t wait to get your hands on all of those new features scheduled within the release wave 2 update, but it’s October 4th and your tenant has not been updated yet. What do you do? You create a new Business Central sandbox preview environment. Don’t know how to do that? We’ll show you.

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What’s the Business Central Release Wave 2?

The Dynamics 365 Business Central Release Wave 2 refers to the second major update of the year for Dynamics 365 Business Central products. The Release Wave 2 also includes updates for all Dynamics 365 applications.

According to Microsoft, Dynamics 365 Business Central provides a complete business application solution designed and optimized for SMB organizations. Since its launch in April 2018, Business Central has seen increasing adoption by organizations looking to digitally transform their businesses. In the October '18 update, we updated Business Central to include on-premises deployments as well. The latest version, the April '19 update, brought an update to Business Central that improves the productivity of users.

The independent software vendor (ISV) ecosystem is important for customers who want vertical or horizontal solutions for Business Central. We will accelerate this ISV ecosystem to begin moving new and existing customers to Business Central online. To achieve that goal, the following development pillars define the 2019 release wave 2 update: Read the complete overview of Dynamics 365 Business Central 2019 release wave 2 here.

How often does Microsoft update Dynamics 365 for Business Central? Business Central received monthly Cumulative Updates as well as two major updates that occur in April and October of each year.

Create a Business Central Release Wave 2 Preview Sandbox

Creating a Dynamics 365 Business Central release wave 2 preview sandbox is very easy and requires minimal Business Central knowledge. Here’s the steps you need to follow:

  1. Log into the Business Central Admin Center

  2. Click New

  3. Nave your environment

  4. Choose sandbox for the type

  5. Select the preview version from the Version list.

  6. Click Create

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Admin Center

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