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Dear Santa - A New Spin on a Holiday Classic

Christmas cookies for Santa

Dear Santa,

Please don’t be surprised that I’m writing you again today, the 3rd of December. I would like to very much clear up certain things that have occurred since the beginning of the year, when filled with illusion, I wrote you an early letter in March. I asked for ERP software, collaboration software, and reporting software for our company. Yes, we were gifted with some version of these and we destroyed our brains and company morale trying to learn them. Not only did we wake up early to put in extra hours of work, but our whole company stood after work every day too. I’m not going to lie to you, there was no other organization willing to work harder with a more positive attitude than our organization. We even took turns cooking breakfast and squeezing fresh orange juice for one another so we could start the day off right. There was virtually nothing within reach that we wouldn’t do to help each other master all this software gifted by you.

What were you thinking when you didn’t give us Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Power BI? I bet you had a great laugh all year long as we looked like crazy workaholics trying to adopt our organization to the new virtual working world. To make matters worse, over 200,000 organizations are using Business Central, over 115 million users are using Teams and over 5 million people have subscribed to Power BI. Did you think we wanted to be different and use this experimental software created by a high schooler while bored in sewing class?

I’ll have you know the jokes on you tough guy. While we were killing ourselves learning this software and making each other breakfast we experimented with some new Christmas cookies. I’m just saying, you are going to be amazed at how wonderfully fresh garlic can be infused into sugar cookies when you stop by this Christmas Eve. Hopefully this year for Christmas you can redeem yourself by placing Microsoft software into our stockings and next year we may let you try our chocolate chip coconut cookies we created.

Your Friend and Supporter,

JuJu Bean from the Candy Software Store.

P.S. Quit calling us to train and support you and your elves on your custom made candy-cane tracking software until you redeem yourself. You’re going to have to suffer just as we are since you didn’t get us Microsoft business software.


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